Friday, April 16, 2010


Be a LOOSER (this pix of me is 5 months old)

Motivation: A year ago last summer, I spent a lot of time in bed with OA of the knees and in terrible pain as inches of fat kept creeping onto my bones. I thought about ‘skinny’ Robin from my high school years and remembered how happy and active I had been. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t want this to be the rest of my life. The only one who could change things was me.

I am not a health nut guru. I am not an exercise freak. I don’t tote a magic pill or have a special diet plan. On top of that I will turn 61 this summer. Yet, I look younger, feel better, and am in better health than I was ten years ago. How did a plain, ordinary person accomplish that? Determination.

My main motto for if I am not losing weight is, eat less move more. (Be careful here to be sure you do not have an underlying medical condition). Let me tell you what I don’t do…

1. I do not count calories.

2. I don’t go on crazy diets.

3. I don’t take diet pills.

4. I didn’t have surgery.

5. I don’t buy pre-packaged meals from any diet center.

6. I am not following any diet plan.

What I do…

1. I eat healthy and make it organic as much as possible.

2. I move. i.e. I take advantage of walking the dog. I have a desk job so whenever possible I will get out and walk around the prison (no I am not in one. I work next door to one). (13 minutes of walking a day improves the memory by 20%. Question: How long would I have to walk to improve my memory 100%?) I belonged to a gym for 6 months and biked, swam, did upper body strengthening and building. Doing nothing wreaks havoc on your muscles. Now I walk, swim, hike, and for upper body training I carry 10 bags of groceries from my car up to my second story apt. (that last one was meant for levity).

Let’s explore a bit more in detail about the importance of eating right and movement. (I am about what I did. I am not toting this as what you should do. This is my journey. I am not a doctor or nutritionist. My training is education, so all my information comes from what I have learned and by what I experienced myself. Remember that.)


I can take in 1500 calories a day and move a lot and still not lose weight. How come? I found I was eating the wrong foods.

1. I watch my salt intake. I knew a man who by just cutting out his salt intake lost 20 pounds.

2. I also have given up 90% soda pop drinking. It’s bad, bad, bad. Not only do I gain weight but it also eats into my bones and depletes calcium. I am working on giving up the last 10% of soda pop.

3. I eat dessert once a week and make it really, really good. Not anything like a mini candy bar, but something I totally love. For me it’s hot fudge Sundae with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top…or it’s a thick slice of chocolate mousse cake. It can be a cupcake or two. The thought of that single dessert helps keep me on track all week.

4. I never skip breakfast. I have organic, plain yogurt sprinkled with walnuts and pieces of fruit, or a few eggs (yolk and all!) with dark wheat toast and a touch of real butter, or oatmeal with a dab of brown sugar and warm milk (fat free or skim).

5. For my mid morning snack I eat a piece of fruit.

6. Lunchtime is protein. Long grain brown rice with chicken and veggies, like lima beans.

7. Dinner is a salad; lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, etc. A side of salad dressing. NOTHING fat-free or diet. I would rather have a little bit of wonderful than a whole lot of nasty tasting stuff.

8. I try not to eat a thing after 6 pm but if I must I make it something filled with anti-oxidants and/or celery. Celery is your friend. Make peace with it.

*** If I go out for dinner, I skip the appetizer which is usually creamy or fried. For the main course I chose a thick steak or fish…with steamed vegetables (I lose the potatoes), followed by dessert.


1. While I write or watch TV I do butt crunches.

2. I take my dog for lots of walks. We both enjoy it.

3. I swim.

4. I take the garbage out a lot…every step I take burns calories.

5. Several times during the day I put my hands on the seat of my desk chair and do pushups, lifting my butt up off the chair. I do this 3 to 4 times a day. It strengths arms and back.

6. While I drive I hold a death grip on the steering wheel until I feel the muscles at the back of my arms. Release and repeat. Then hold it for 2 or 3 minutes. Repeat.

My continual plan…this summer I will swim more, buy the wii and get the exercise program (my physically fit daughter highly recommends), walk more, and take advantage of the fresh fruit and veggie season.

The Result

I have dropped 5 sizes since last September. I no longer lay in bed all day. I have energy. I am happy (without drugs). The pants I bought one month ago are getting lose.  I have 50 more pounds to go until high school skinny. And did I mention I will be 61 years old in August?
Okay, I might fall off the healthy wagon to eat Fritos or a cupcake or two, but I make my peace with the scale and put all that grease and sugar behind me ... and move on...repenting with celery and water.