Friday, September 25, 2009

who are you, little i

While waiting for Part V to be written and posted, enjoy this poem by E.E. Cummings. A big time fave of mine.

who are you, little i

(five or six years old)
peering from some high

window; at the gold

of november sunset

(and feeling: that if day
has to become night

this is a beautiful way)


nina said...

LOVE his poetry--thanks for sharing and reminding me of simpler days.

Anonymous said...

While looking on line for The Ivanhoe of my childhood, I came across your blog. Going to dinner at the Ivanhoe with my family is a wonderfully vivid memory of my childhood. It sounds like your childhood paraelled mine in many way. My memory includes a waiter that would entertain us by this antics. I have sent your blog address to my siblings, it will be good to compare memories.
Linda Westfall