Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creature Comforts

When I was a young woman, I thought I had to have the nice car, a great wardrobe, the best haircut, and a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend. Nowadays, these items have no pull on my heart any longer. A car is simply a tool that takes me from point A to point B. My wardrobe consists of what I can get away with wearing for one more year. I cut my own hair (it probably shows) and I am married to my drop dead gorgeous honey. I am older so my priorities have changed/shifted/matured. I am into creature comforts these days, like clean sheets on my bed when I lay down at night. Relaxed shoes so I can easily walk around during the day. A bite of a rich dessert daily would send me over the moon (especially if its Fannie Mays creams) but most of all I crave finding a comfortable bra. It's become my goal. What are your creature comforts?


Andrea said...

Comfortable clothes, shoes, and bra are at the top of my list, but most of all I love being with my family and dogs.
Blessings, andrea

Edna said...

Shoes is my thing now I am having a lot of problem with my feet hurting so it is very hard to find a pair of shoes. I usually just go barefoot in the house. Hurt when I go out and wear shoes.


squiresj said...

This comment has nothing to do with your blog but with your bio about you. I see you have worked with at risk kids. Any suggestions as my daughter is dealing with learning her partner's daughter (age 8) has been sexually abused by her Mom's boyfriend. I am not exactly finding favor with the judicial systems approach to all this to protect this young girl. My husband is a deputy and I know sometimes no matter how much investigation and work they do, the judicial system fails us. So I am looking for ways to help this 8 year old. She is like a granddaughter to me.
I see you are from Illinois (Chicago). I've been there over the years as I was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois but now live in Missouri. I left when I married 30 years ago and have been in many states while my husband worked construction.
God Bless and annoint you.