Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Got Mittens?

Nina Graff is the talented maker of these mittens. You have gotta go here and see this site...
You have to see what my talented friend is doing!
Nina Graff said, "My sewing room has exploded this month!
A short while ago…I was making a ‘few’ pair of mittens for my daughter-in-laws for Christmas. It seems that EVERYONE liked them! Four weeks and 82 pair of mittens later…I am still having fun creating these, and am offering them for sale here.
They are made from wool/wool blend sweaters (a patchwork of 3 or 4 different ones–washed and shrunk), lined with fleece, and embellished with buttons or wool ties.
You can request a color scheme, but I am at the mercy of whatever sweaters I am able to find. I will send you a preview e-mail before shipping, to be sure you’ll be happy with the choice. I will do my best to fill all orders as timely as possible….but right now I am taking a few days off with family. Will be back in the sewing room by Dec. 29 or so.
Cost is $33….which includes U.S. shipping. I accept PayPal…and those details will be given when you contact me: "