Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Story Is Like A House

I found this old photograph of the house where I grew up in Chicago about the same time I stumbled upon this amazing decription of what writing feels like inside your soul. It comes from Alice Munro. I wanted to share her words with you. "I've got to make, I've got to build up, a house, a story to fit around the indescribable 'feeling' that is like the soul of a story. I'm very, very excited by what you might call the surface of life, ...in a way I can't analyze or describe. I never intended to be a short-story writer. I started writing them because I didn't have time to write anything else - I had three children. And I got used to writing stories, so I saw my material that way. There's a kind of tension that if I'm getting a story right. I kind of want a moment that's explosive, and I wanted everything gathered into that." If you want to read one of her short stories set in rural Ohio, I suggest a look at the one entitled, BOYS AND GIRLS.

Monday, November 03, 2008

SEE me on SGM Radio

I am on radio! Southern Gospel Music Radio, that is. Please take a look at what is happening on this wonderful Christian station. Press one of the SGM Radio links to the left. You will love what you hear.
Rob Patz is President of the Coastal Media Group, which owns 2 internet radio stations and also distributes a weekly one hour syndicated radio show. Patz is the host of the "Southern Styles Show" and emcees concerts and special events. In 2005, he received the "Paul Heil Diamond Award", an award given for excellence in radio