Monday, December 15, 2008

Gett'n ready....

..for the holidays. Tree is up. Over the years I have collected antique glass and mercury ornaments in various shapes such as houses, birds (with feathers), balls, stars, diamonds and the like. Once they are on the tree, I step back to admire my work. It takes away my breath and thus my old fashiond Christmas begins. To the yummy spicy scent of gingerbread men baking in the oven, we now turn our attention to hanging our stockings but first we take out the wish list that we tucked inside last year. What fun to read what our hearts desires were one year ago and to see if we have changed since then or achieved it. This goes beyond loosing weight. It's about spirit and dreams and hope. We never focus on things to buy - that is too fleeting - but its how to become - an eternal wish. It may be about a job or a special prayer for a family member, or friend...helping others. Maybe it has to do with spending more time in God's word. Completing that novel. Volunteering. Being nicer to a co-worker. Then we hang the stockings from the mantle and watch as they fill with token gifts and homemade goodies. On Christmas morning there are lots of ooos and aaahhhhs when the owners look inside of them. And then they are put away until next year...but first we make our list of wishes for the coming year and tuck them into the toe. This year I think our wishes will be about how we can be of service to others. How we can make do and do without. Live simply...from the inside out.

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