Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to My Serial Writings...

I am an ordinary person who is still discovering God's will in my life. Since he doesn't seem to give me the full plan all at once, I find myself on a journey with Him. It's a trip filled with surprises, changes, twists and blessings.

At the age of seven years I confidently told a Chicago taxi driver that I was going to be a missionary when I grew up. Yep, that really happened. And right after I was married at the age of twenty seven, that is exactly what my husband and I did. We gave away everything and hit the mission field. We thought we'd be gone forever, but on actual earth time it turned out to be two years. But we did have a lifetime of experiences as we traveled to over twenty nations. When we got back to the states we had no income, no home, no stuff. It was then I realized that what God sets before us sometimes is only for a season. Like when we became pastors of an Illinois church. We thought that would be forever. But it wasn't. That forever lasted six years.

From then till now, I have laughed a thousand hours, cried a few rivers, gone from being a Language Arts teacher to presently being the special education coordinator at a youth facility for the county. My husband still takes yearly trips overseas to third world nations to preach. Recently he has been to Kenya and India. Me? I like home. When we traveled during the early season of our marriage we were trapped in Iran. The country was in the middle of a revolution and Shah was fleeing for his life. We holed up in the Commodore Hotel in Tehran, trying to catch a plane out. That did it for me. I like things a little calmer but I sure did marry adventure with my beloved, Rick. This story; "Not My Call
A missionary wife in India? Not me!" WILL BE IN THE NOV/DEC ISSUE OF CHRISTIANITY TODAY. I hope you read it and enjoy it.

And the Lord did say that those who stays by the 'stuff' gets the same reward as those who go. So Rick goes...I stay by the stuff which is a weedy yard, our two grown children and two pets. My job too. And I pray for a rich harvest of souls and for Rick's safe return to me.

And then there is my writing. I write articles and short stories and books. I love to write mystery/thrillers but I also have been known to pen romance books as well. I hope you pick them up to read sometime. I hope you like 'em. Stop by my blog often and say hi. I'd love to hear from you!

May your journey be filled with surprises, changes, twists and turns....


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