Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Confessions of a Serial Writer

My latest book came out July 2007. What a strange and wonderful feeling to see my name on the cover. Everyone should know that fabulous rush, at least once in their lives. The setting is my hometown of Delavan, Wisconsin. I based most of the characters on people who live there but then tweaked them just enough that they might not recognize themselves. If you visit that quaint northern town you will be charmed by the streets and fall in love with the lake (in the early days it was known as Swan Lake). But the town folk are the best part of it all. They make it come alive. I moved to Delavan when I was 13, escaping the navy blue and white garb of a private Chicago school. For the first time in my life I was happy. Delavan is where I learned it was safe to be me. I wish all my books could be set there....I hope you will take this writing journey with me...and now that I finally found out my password and login name, I promise to do better with blogging. After all, I am the serial writer.

God Bless All,



Denise said...

Is there a 4th book following Jill in Delavan-where my husband and I and our two children lived and where my daughter was born -at home!

David W. Brantley said...

Getting to Know You

I am a VIRGIN fiction writer, but a much more experienced blogger. And the temptation is to blog instead of write, but you seem to have conquered that Time Vampire.

After having written commercially for Christian television and radio for almost 25 years, and a number of seasonal adaptations for theater, I have my first published fiction coming out in October...The Ghost of Whitehall Hill. It is a tweenager mystery/ghost story with a strong message of forgiveness and grace.

Like you te characters are drawn from the small town I grew up in in north Florida. Very colorful, and at times larger than life. The publisher said that it had been along time since they had gotten anything in the Hardey Boy motief without an occultic theme to it.

I'm enjoying reading your blogs and love dialoging with another writer as I am fairly new to the fiction writing game.