Friday, September 01, 2006

I AM A SERIAL apologies made

Don’t think me strange because I carry around an Idea Book. It's right inside of my purse with the spiral edge sticking up and if you happen to see me jotting something down, you’ll know I have an inspiration brewing. The cover on the book will say IDEA BOOK. Really. I wrote it myself with a permanent marker. I get ideas all the time while walking down the street, and at home; no telling when inspiration will strike again. Sometimes I am fast asleep when it hits right in the middle of the night. It’s been known to happen to me during dinner before dessert. It always takes place during the Sunday sermon so I have to bring along plenty of paper...the preacher says things my characters need to hear. Just so you know, if you happen to say something clever, I must write it down. Its mine. When something sad happens I must make note of it, when something funny happens my characters have to be a part of that moment…you get the idea…okay I admit it…I am a serial writer. But its not my fault, I cannot help myself because it’s beyond my control. If this happens to you then you are a serial writer too. We should talk over lunch sometime.

At times my book characters become more real to me than my family. Okay, now that is an exaggeration but they do become real to me. I know them, how they look, what they like to wear, what their faith in God is like. I even know why they become silent when a certain subject comes up. And I name them as carefully as I named my children and some of them would be friends if they met while others wouldn’t. It’s life and it happens.

Who cares where I live, what my fav music is, what I like to drink in the mornings? You don’t. You only want a good read with believable characters, a riveting plot, a good love triangle, a thrilling mystery and a suspenseful ending with a twist of surprise. I aim to give it to you.

The Chase is my first published novel. Single gal Jill Lewis is fired from her job as political reporter at THE WASHINGTON GAZETTE. It's a humbling experience to return home to Delavan, Wisconsin. Jill thinks the newsies at THE LAKES newspaper will be thrilled to get her to write their jaunty columns but Jill is shocked when she is given the obituaries and told she has to work her way up. Soon Jill realizes the trouble she was in back in Washington has chased her home and nothing is as it seems, especially the milk toast editor.

The Replacement is the second installment to THE CHASE. Gazette investigative reporter Jill Lewis has covered Capitol Hill for years. So it's no big deal when a high-profile senator calls her with an urgent meeting request. She juggles her schedule and waits for him on the Capitol steps. But he never arrives. Suffering a massive stroke practically at Jill's feet, Senator George Brown is dead within days, and his rumored successor, Senator Tommy Harrison, shoots to the top of Jill's must-interview list.

The third book to the triology will be out 2007, THE CANDIDATE.

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